Terms of Reference






For Two Toolkits






A.  Objectives

(AWP 2015, Working Area 2)


The  Sustainable Urban Transport  Improvement  Project  (SUTIP)  is  a  technical cooperation project in the field of urban transport development, executed by GIZ (German International Cooperation) and the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)  It is financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The objective of the project is The Indonesian cities are increasingly able to improve an environmentally friendly and energy efficient transport system, and hence contribute to sustainable urban development.


The project has been running for six years, and was extended until end of 2016. One of the main tasks of SUTIP is developing reference experiences of the pilot measurements to be applied  in  other  cities.  The  target  is  to  produce  6  (six)  toolkits  that  document  SUTIPs experiences both at national and local levels. The toolkits are also enriched by international experiences.  The  toolkits  are  meant  to  be  a  handy  and  practical  guidance  for  local governments, especially the technical staff. Therefore, it needs to be user-friendly, compact and direct in language.


The first four toolkits that have been developed are:

1.  Pengembangan Transportasi Tidak Bermotor di Perkotaan

2.  Manajemen Parkir di Perkotaan

3.  Pemantauan, Evaluasi dan Pelaporan Pelaksanaan RAD GRK (Rencana Aksi Daerah

Gas Rumah Kaca) Transportasi Perkotaan

4.  Langkah Jitu Pembenahan Angkutan Perkotaan



Considering the existing international and GIZs studies and reports on BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System, the next two topics will bridge the gap between Angkot Reform and BRT System, as well as help the local government to choose the most suitable mass transit system for their city.


Therefore, the next two toolkits will be:



1.  Pengelolaan Sistem Transit di Indonesia (Managing Transit System in Indonesia)

2.  Pilihan Transportasi Massal untuk Kota-kota di Indonesia (Mass Transit Options for

Indonesian Cities)

B.  Requested services



The project is looking for a Consultant that will write one or both of the toolkits in close collaboration with the project team. The Consultant will be able to rely on a number of existing publications as well as comprehensive technical input by the project team.

    1.  Elaboration of the toolkit according to the agreed outline

2.  Collecting and studying  information, materials and data related from SUTIP, GIZ and      other resources.

    3.  Organizing  consultation  sessions  with  SUTIP  to  look  into  the  ideas,  meanings,

            challenges and potentials of the topics.

4.  Regular consultation with the project team during the writing process to confirm progress and possibly correct direction. Pr

    5.  Provision of interim drafts for review by project team

6.  Working with the graphic designer and assisting SUTIP with the outline and design of       the toolkits.


C.  Prepare documentation of all work results



Deliverable: Work report package in English (electronic formats) as follows:

1.  Draft for consultation on a regular basis.

2.  Final document of the toolkits.

3.  Format

-      Use popular, clear and user friendly language, where technical terms will be clearly elaborated.

-      Engaging with appealing layout, use of images and colours (images to be provided by project team).

    -     Using at least one figure/table/graphic on every page.

    -     Format in B5 paper size with approximately 50 pages and 11 size font.

    -     Use of highlight” boxes from the text.



D.  Other Duties/Additional Tasks



To ensure the process of familiarization of the materials and the quality of the toolkits, the

Consultant is expected to do the following support activities:



§    Seek assistance and inputs from sectoral specialists as resource persons to enrich the understanding.

§    Explore  data  and  studies  from  national  statistics,  universities/  institutes,  and  other transport projects.

§    Utilize GIZ publication such as sourcebooks, SUT book and existing toolkits.



E.  Location



§    Consultant must be available for a meeting in Jakarta when required, and initiate consultation meetings to ensure the quality of the assignment.

F.  Duration



§    Duration of assignment is up to 3 (three) months from agreed date, during which the

Consultant is expected to provide up to 21 working days.




Expected Working days

Review of background

materials providebthe team


Elaboration of the main text


Regular coordination

meetingwitthe project team


Preparation of tables, graphs

and alike


Incorporating comments anrevisions





G.  Required qualifications, competences and experiences



Formal Education:

§   University Degree in at least one of the following subjects: transport engineering, transport planning, transport modelling, urban planning, economy, law, anthropology, international relations, or linguistics.


Professional experience:

§    Minimum of  5 years of relevant occupational experience in a comparable position.

§    Experienced in writing publication, books or similar products.

§    Experienced in editing publication, books or similar products.

§    Experienced in writing in English.



Other knowledge, additional competences:

§    Excellent command of MS-Office.

§    Good working knowledge of modern telecommunication system.

§    Excellent written and oral communication skill in English.

§    Excellent ability to shares knowledge and experiences and self-management.



H.  Reports

Report of any tasks and responsibilties should be reported to Daniel Herrmann (Principal Advisor), and assisted during his/her daily activities by Dr. Muhammad Nanang Prayudyanto (Senior Transport Advisor) and Devin Maeztri (Advisor).

I.    Submission of Offer



The proposal must be submitted by Sunday, 17 January 2016 to and include the following documents:

1.    Proposal and offer price (lump sum)

2.    CV or resume

3.   Sample of previous work