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Fact Sheet
Sustainable Urban Transport Improvement Project  SUTIP

SUTIP’s Program in Surakarta

I.    Revitalization of Public Transport

Activities in Solo City as a trading and services city is increasing from day to day. Slowly, impacts of congestion, pollution, and accidents start to affect people of Solo. Before the devastating impact becomes worsening, Solo begins to improve by providing public transport facilities for the community i.e. Batik Solo Trans (BST).
The tasks of BST expected by Transportation Agency of Surakarta are: (i) To shift from private vehicles to public transport (ii) To reduce congestion, accidents and emissions, (iii) To reduce land provision for parking, (iv) Efficiency and effectiveness, and (v) To reduce traffic violations.

SUTIP’s project

1. Creating a new public transport network route

2. Consolidation with the existing operator

3.  Increase the operational capacity of public transport    operators

4. Improvement of corridors


German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

In cooperation with:

Transportation Agency of Surakarta City

Regional Planning Agency of Surakarta City

Overall Term

February 2013 to September 2014 (prolongation of 1st phase)

II.    Transportation Demand Management

Public transport facilities planned in Solo need to be supported by other activities that encourage people to switch to public transport. Therefore, Government ofSurakarta City implemented several measures
of TDM push and pull that will support public transport, i.e.:

PUSH                                  PULL

Expected objectives

1. People shift from private vehicles to use public transport

2. Decreased number of private vehicles

3. Increased number of public transport passengers

Visualisation of parking management at PasarGedhe