Tedy Murtejo
Advisor/Coordinator for Bogor

Tedy Murtejo has been with GIZ SUTIP since 2011, initially as a consultant in developing Grand Design of Urban Transport concerning public transport and goods vehicle. He was also involved in developing Minimum Service Standard (SPM) of road based mass public transport (KM 10 year 2012). Since September 2011, he has been a Coordinator for SUTIP in Bogor to assist Municipal Ministry of Traffic and Road Transport as well as Regional Development Planning Agency to implement public transport reform and transport demand management. Tedy holds bachelor degree from Civil Engineering of Gadjah Mada University then continued to post graduate study in Bandung Institute of Technology with specialization in Transport Planning and Engineering. He has a lot of experience not only in Transport specialization but also in other disciplines and fields like building development, social engineering, business, etc.