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TransJogja Metamorphosis

Yogyakarta is transforming to become more ‘livable cities’ by promoting public transport and supporting with cars restriction policy. Recently,enormous commuters are more dominant use motorcycles and cars move across from sub-urban area to inner of the city. The city faces up critical problem due to lack of public transport service. The old bus usually stops intentionally to wait new passengers which will take a lot of minutes. Even Yogyakarta has been starting 54 TransJogja bus fleet in 2008, however, in fact the headway almost reach 30 minutes for each buses, or even 1 hour. In terms of enhancing public transport improvement, GIZ-SUTIP has been involving since 2009 to change government mindset, planning and implement New TransJogja system. Inevitably, building new road is usually being their best idea to solve traffic conjunction which is taking a bunch of government annual budget. Whereas, develop new road will encourage people to stay with their private cars habit.

Hence, raising awareness and enrich with global experience had been taken as strategic point to start everything.Yogyakarta government has already starting important policy which is Public Transport has to be the priority in the next 5 years development plan. Government emphasizes that the system purpose is to replace all bus fleet and change to be more efficient route network. This system will be provided with ‘buy the service’ scheme which obligate government bus unit to pay kilometer of bus production trips. Meanwhile, GIZ-SUTIP also involves in TransJogja institutional setup preparation with multi-operator concept and the business case to reduce subsidies requirement. Being partnership with TransJogja stakeholders, GIZ-SUTIP has involved in developing strategic for public awareness of New TransJogja and working closely with the government to gather supports from Yogyakarta community.

Achmad Faris Saffan Sunarya
Junior Technical Officer for Yogyakarta