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Parking Management in Sudirman Central Business District, Palembang

In accordance with Law No. 22 of 2009 on Road Traffic and Transportation which prohibits the road shoulders and sidewalks to be used as parking lots, the Department of Transportation of Palembang City, assisted by GIZ-SUTIP, planned the implementation of parallel parking along Jalan Sudirman as the initial stage before making parking on the shoulder of the road (on-street) obsolete in the future. GIZ SUTIP provided assistance to the Department of Transportation of Palembang City in the form of capacity building by bringing in experts to provide strategic advice on the management of parking in CBD Sudirman.

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Figure 1. Angled parking on Jl Sudirman

Based on inputs from the experts, the Department of Transportation of Palembang City chose not to eliminate on-street parking on Jalan Sudirman at once. Instead, based on expert recommendations, it chose to reduce the number of vehicles parked in the area by changing the parking pattern from an angled parking to a parallel parking. In addition, it introduced service lane in the form of road markings or separators and implemented a progressive tax tariff in the region. To accommodate business owners in Sudirman CBD, Dishub Palembang was advised to negotiate with the owners of private parking buildings around the CBD in order to open their parking buildings for business owners in Sudirman CBD.

Prior to the implementation, Dishub Palembang in cooperation with GIZ SUTIP interacted extensively with the community, especially the parking attendants and business owners in Sudirman CBD, to ensure that minimum conflict occurred during the implementation phase. In addition to supporting the implementation phase of parallel parking on Jalan Sudirman, GIZ SUTIP in collaboration with Sriwijaya University conducted a survey for one week during the initial phase of implementation. This survey was aimed to determine the success rate and the opinion of the parking users, parking attendants and business owners in the region around Jalan Sudirman. The survey results revealed that the number of vehicles parked for long duration remained high and the parking was still disorganized. Therefore, to overcome this, after the implementation of parallel parking, experts suggested that a progressive tariff should be applied in order to maintain a good level of turnover. This needs to be done in order to move users of long duration parking from on-street parking to the parking buildings. To overcome the disorganized vehicle parking it was advised to put clear non permanent markers (paint) and strict enforcement by the parking attendants.

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Figure 2. Parallel Parking on Jl. Sudirman 

In April 2013, the Mayor of Palembang issued a Decree on the management of parking in Sudirman CBD. The parking management will be handed over to a regional government-owned enterprise of PT Sarana Pembangunan Palembang Jaya (PT. SP2J). With the appointment of PT. SP2J as the parking manager in Sudirman CBD, it is expected that the management of parking in the area will become more professional. At this time, PT. SP2J has established an employee cooperative that will accommodate the existing parking attendants. It is also planned to use smart card technology to prevent leakage of parking revenues.Further, the Department of Transportation of Palembang has proposed a Regional Regulation on the Progressive Parking Tariff based on zoning.

Ahmad Tanzil Ramadhani Furqoni
Junior Technical Officer for Palembang