Documentation List by Cities

 Project Output Yogyakarta
Subject Output Date Link
 Transportation  Demand  Management  (TDM)   Proceeding  Meeting of Social Review in Malioboro  Development Planning as Pedestrian Friendly Area  Mei, 2013  Download
 Stakeholder Analysis in Malioboro Towards Pedestrian  Friendly Malioboro  Juni, 2013  Bahasa /  English
 Proceeding  Trust Building Meeting with the  Communities in Malioboro Development Planning  Juni, 2013  Download
 Parking Survey at Malioboro Area  Juli, 2013  Download
 Parking Survey at Malioboro Area - Appendix  Juli, 2013  Download
 Album  Illustration Design of Malioboro  Juli, 2013  Download
 Report Cordon Survey & Street Mapping Malioboro  November, 2013  Download
 Report Cordon Survey #2  Desember, 2013  Download
 Report  Origin-Destination Interview of Malioboro  Visitors and Car Free Day  Januari, 2014  Download
 Draft  Term of Reference of Malioboro Design  Competition  Maret, 2014  Download
 Proceeding  Assessment of Traffic Management in  Malioboro  Februari, 2014  Download
 Proceeding  Traffic Mitigation Action in Malioboro  Maret, 2014  Download
 Short Term Comprehensife Plan for Programme  Implementation of Pedestrianization in Malioboro Area  April, 2014  Download
  Malioboro Pedestrian Forum Assistance by Manfred  Breithaupt November, 2014 Download
 Public Transport  Transjogja Pre-BRT Roadmap  Januari, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Financial Simulation  April, 2013  Download
 Yogyakarta Urban Transport Masterplan Review (2013-  2017)  April, 2013  Download
 Advisory service - Financial Simulation on Tarif  Increasement for TransJogja  Juni, 2013  Download
 Final Discussion Transjogja Network Development  Proceeding  Juli, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Interchange Concept- Report  Juli, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Institutional Roadmap- Mission report to  Enrich Transjogja Study from DIY Economic Bureau  Juli, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Comprehensive  Socialization to Jogja  Executives  Agustus, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Institusional Concept- Socialization to  Technical Level Proceeding  Agustus, 2013  Download
 Proposed Transjogja Route Network  Oktober, 2013  Download
 Transjogja Network Extension Social Mapping  Desember, 2013  Download