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Bogor Project Output
 Subject  Output  Date  Link
 Progress Report  Bogor Project Progress Report Jan-March 2012  March, 2012  Download
 Bogor Project Progress Report April 2012  April, 2012  Download
 Bogor Project Progress Report September 2013  September 2013  Download
 Bogor Project Progress Report Oktober 2013  Oktober 2013  Download 
 Bogor Project Progress Report Januari - Maret 2014  Maret, 2014  Download
 Bogor Project Progress Report April - Mei 2014   Mei, 2014  Download
  Bogor Project Progress Report December 2014  December, 2014 Download
   Bogor Project Progress Report Januari 2015   Januari, 2015      Download
  Bogor Project Progress Report Februari 2015  Februari, 2015 Download
  Bogor Project Progress Report March 2015  March, 2015 Download
 Local Policy      Bogor Transportation Masterplan December, 2014 Download
  Bogor Transportation Program : Proposal to President    Februari, 2015 Download
  Bogor Transportation Summit 2015:  
      Presentation from Bogor Major, Dr. Bima Arya June, 2015 Download
      Proceeding (Bahasa Version / English Version) June, 2015 
Transportation Demand  Management (TDM)  Parking Management in Suryakencana Road, Short Term Plan  Agustus, 2012  Download
 On Street Parking Operation in Bogor by DLLAJ  Juli, 2012   Download
 Parking Management as TDM Strategy for Traffic Restrain  Juli, 2012  Download
 Preliminary thoughts and question on Jl. Suryakencaca,
 Jl. Otista and Jl.Pengadilan and other parking pricing and
 management issues by Paul Barter
 October,2012  Download
  On Street Parking Signage in Pengadilan Road April, 2013 Download
  On Street Parking Signage in Suryakencana Road April, 2013 Download
   Off Street Parking Potential Demand in Suryakancana  September, 2014  Download
  Off Street Parking Studi in Bappeda of Bogor Area :     
      Fact Finding Februari, 2015 Download
      Final Recomendation March, 2015 Download
 Non-Motorized Transportation  NMT Stage I in Bogor : Nyi Raja Permas Full Pedestrian Report  Januari, 2013  Download
 NMT Stage II DED in Bogor  April, 2013  Download
   Bogor City Walkability Concept - Video  Mei, 2014  Link
   Presentation for Public Hearing NMT Facility, Stage II, Bogor  Maret, 2014  Download
   NMT Development Stage III  April, 2013  Download
  Proceeding NMT FGD in Bogor April, 2012 Download
  NMT Stage III Progress Evaluation     Januari, 2015 Download
  NMT Stage IV Public Campaign      Januari, 2015 Download
  Bike Sharing Concept for Bogor City (draft)     March, 2015 Download
  NMT Stage I and II Evaluation : Street Vendor Ocupancy April, 2015 Download
 Transit Oriented
 Baranangsiang Terminal Facility Plan in Bogor  Augsuts, 2013  Download
 Baranangasiang Terminal Optimizing Plan in Bogor  Augsuts, 2013  Download
 Baranangsiang Terminal TIC Assesment Resume  Februari, 2014  Download
 Pre-Design: Sukaresmi Station-Final  Mei, 2014  Download
   TOD Concept in Sukaresmu Station_ 3D Animation  Oktober, 2014  Download 
   Advisory Service: Cooperation Agreement between PT KAI and  Bogor Local Government  Juni 2014  Download
   Bogor Station Area Development Study  November, 2013  Download
  Sukaresmi Station Development Syncronization October, 2012 Download
  Proceeding Sukaresmi Station Development Planning October, 2012 Download
 Public Transport  PDJT Strategic Plan Evaluation (Transpakuan Operator)  September, 2013  Download
 Transportation Revitalization in Bogor  September, 2013  Download
 PDJT (Transpakuan Operator) Current Condition   November, 2013  Download
 PDJT Reneweble Program (Bogor)  Februari, 2014  Download
 Bogor Transportation Progress and Financial Plan  Februari, 2014  Download
 PDJT Steering Committe Final Report  Mei 2014  Download
 Pre-Design : Transpakuan Infrastructure  Mei,2014  
 1. Pre-eliminary report
 2. Interim Report
 3. Final Report
  Public Transport (Reguler) Minimum Standar Service (draft) Agustus, 2014 Download 
  Residential Public Transport Proposal (Presentation) Maret, 2013 Download
  PDJT Transpakuan Key Performance Index     April, 2014             Download
  Public Transport Owner Development Socialization September, 2014 Download
  Draft : Legal Entity Transition for Angkot Ownder Guideline Agustus, 2014 Download
  Legal Entity Concept for Angkot Owner Februari, 2015 Download
 Financing Bogor Proposal for NAMA SUTRI December, 2015 Download
  MoU Between Bogor City and PT. SMI Mei, 2015 Download
 Capacity Building LTA Academy Feb, 2014 Download
  LTA Academy for Senior Transport Stakeholders Januari, 2014 Download
  DLLAJ and GIZ Palembang Desember, 2013 Download
  DLLAJ and GIZ Solo November, 2013 Download
  LTA Academy  Mei, 2013 Download
  PTV Workshop in Bali Oktober, 2013 Download